Psychotherapist Claudia Haag in Zürich

Psychological Counseling, Coaching, Supervision

Claudia Haag

lic.phil. Psychologist / Psychotherapist FSP

Zürich City

German, English, Spanish

Psychological Practice for  individuals, couples and families

Psychological advice – Counseling - Supervision – Coaching – Prevention - Self-awareness - Diagnostic evaluation – Crisis consulting - spiritual guidance - coaching for HPU/KPU and food allergies.

Psychological advice and Counseling

I offer psychological advice and counseling, coaching and supervision for adolescents, adults, families and couples. If you are looking for a change in your life, if you are going through a bad time, if you want to get to know yourself better and understand your patterns and reactions better, psychological advice can help.


Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

I can help you with various problems such as:

• Life crisis

• Relationship problems

• Sexual-related issues

• Problems at work

• Family problems

• Grief

• Fears, anxiety

• low threshold Depression, suicidal tendencies and Burnout

• Low self-esteem 

• Feelings of guilt and/or shame

• Obsessions

• Migration and integration into Swiss society

• Study problems and lack of concentration

Psychotherapeutin Claudia Haag in Zürich

• Self-harm

• Pain, chronic pain

• Restrictive patterns and habits

• Acceptance of yourself and a better understanding of your reactions

• Illnesses, cancer, chronic illness

• Looking for meaning in life

• Looking for change

• General unhappiness

• Identity problems, identity crisis

• Abuse (sexual, physical, psychological)

• Weight problems, allergies, special nutrition advice

• HPU/KPU guidance

• spiritual guidance

About me - Claudia Haag, Psychotherapist in Zürich

I am a psychologist and an approved psychotherapist FSP. I was trained in the field of systemic and solution-focused therapy. My approach is resource-oriented and I believe that every person is an expert for his or her solutions. My role is to help you find your solution and to help you use your resources by working with different methods and techniques. I use methods from systemic, solution-focused, hypnotherapeutic, analytic, cognitive-behavioral, ego states therapy, or other fields according to what best fits to the individual person.

In my leisure time I enjoy doing sports, being in the outdoors, hiking, meditation, practicing focusing and relaxing activities, being with friends, travelling and learning about different cultures and countries.

I offer sessions in German, English and Spanish.


Individual sessions 60 minutes:                                 216.00 CHF

Couples or family sessions 60 minutes:                   230.00 CHF

Missed sessions need to be paid if not cancelled 48h (on week days) in advance.

You can pay the sessions in cash or with twint.

Sessions will not be covered by the health inssurance


I offer sessions and settings that best suit the individual person and topic. If you prefer not sitting in an office during the session we can go for a walk or talk in a quiet area in a parc or on the riverside. Let me know about your needs and preferences and I am sure that we can find a good setting for you.

Here you can find feedback from clients: https://www.coachfrog.ch/de/fachperson/claudia-haag/

Claudia Haag, lic. phil.

Psychologische Beratung und Begleitung, Beratung, Coaching, Supervision, Selbsterfahrung, spirituelle Begleitung, Begleitung bei HPU/KPU und Hashimoto-Thyroiditis

Für Jugendliche, Erwachsene, Paare und Familien.

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